2017 Children’s Summer Reading Games & Activities

The Summer Reading Games and Activities are what our library offer to incentivize children (2 years old to fifth grade) to continue reading throughout the summer. In order to participate to our exciting performances and classes, you have to sign up for the Reading Games. Please read the following instruction to learn how to play the games.


  • To Sign up the 2017  Summer Reading Games online, starting 6/26, click here.


  • For the 2017 Summer Reading Games Performances and Activities Brochure, click here.


  • To register for the Summer Performances and Activities, click here.


  • For rules on how to play the Read-to-Me and Summer Reading Game, click here.


  • You can print out the Read-to-Me Game Reading and Activity Log right here.


  • You can print out the Summer Reading Game Book Log(Timed) right here. You can keep track of your titles and time on this log.



  • For the instruction on how to play the World Landmarks trivia game, click here.