2016 Teen Summer Reading Game

Our 2016 Teen Summer Reading Game will run June 29th- August 17th 2016

*Pre-registration will begin on June 8th*
When you
pre-register at the adult reference desk you get to vote on your favorite hero movie for our summer kickoff!

How to play:
Fill out a summer reading log at the Reference Desk.

1. Come in and keep a log of all the books you’re reading. All genres are acceptable and count toward the game! Every book you read will earn you one raffle ticket for big prizes at the end of the summer.

2. You can also earn up to one small prize a day for  crossing off a spot on your Game On Bingo Board. If you cross off a whole row, you will also get an extra raffle ticket!

3. Three times a week you will have the opportunity to
answer a riddle and find a hidden book. If you find the book you can have your choice of a small prize or a raffle ticket.

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