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Patron Code of Behavior: Home

Code of Behavior

Patron Code of Behavior

Welcome to the Eastchester Public Library. We ask your cooperation in maintaining an environment conductive to
reading, studying and information gathering, as well as providing for the enjoyable use of the library for every patron.
These rules are posted to protect health, safety, welfare and rights of all patrons. Patrons, however, are responsible for
their behavior, personal items, and personal effects.

While on library property, the following behaviors and/or actions are unacceptable:

  • Bringing weapons onto library property.
  • Damaging, misusing, monopolizing or vandalizing library facilities, equipment or materials.
  • Removing library materials without properly checking them out.
  • Abandoning, leaving or neglecting children or otherwise violating the Safe Child Policy.
  • Leaving children unattended.
  • Harassing other library users or library staff including, but not limited to, excessive conversation, unwelcome advances or verbal, physical or sexual abuse.
  • Possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal controlled substances.
  • Smoking.
  • Habitual sleeping.
  • Using radios, televisions or CD/Tape players audible to others.
  • Using cell phones in the main library. (Cell phones may be used in the lobby)
  • Selling, soliciting or panhandling (approaching patrons or staff members with items for sale or pleas for donations.)
  • Distributing or posting printed materials or literature without prior director approval.
  • Bringing bicycles into the library or using skateboards in the library.
  • Blocking any entrance, aisle or exit.
  • Bringing in animals except service dogs without prior director approval.
  • Using restrooms improperly, including but not limited to bathing or shaving.
  • Being in the library before or after business hours without the written permission of the Library Director or his/her designee.
  • Being a nuisance to others with offensive bodily hygiene.
  • Entering office/workroom areas unless invited by a staff member or with prior written permission of the Director.
  • Indulging in a disturbance of the peace by loud or aggressive behavior, running, profanity, indecent or obscene language, or abusive language.
  • Engaging in any indecent or obscene conduct or making any indecent exposure of one’s person.
  • Engaging in acts which are subject to prosecution under criminal codes of law.

If a Library user chooses not to follow the library’s Patron Behavior Policy, the user will be asked to correct the
unacceptable behavior. If the behavior continues, the user will be asked to leave the library. Law enforcement will be
called if the user refuses to leave.
Approved by the Eastchester Public Library Board of Trustees - April 2007
Amended July 2020